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For our European customers, Kannaway is offering a limited-time BV Booster Bundle to help you finish March strong. From now until the end of the month, you can enjoy 18% off our 5+2 Pure Gold 1000mg plus 100% BV!

To purchase the BV Booster Bundle, simply log in to your account, go to the shop, and select the SPECIALS Category.

Valid in: EUR

This promotion runs until 31 March and is subject to change or amendment at any time.

Vape Pack

• 1 x Hemp+ Vape Calm
• 1 x Hemp+ Vape Active
• 1 x Hemp+ Vape Sleep
• 1 x Kannaway Vape Style Kit*
Retail Value: 177,12€ / £148,79
Wholesale Value: 136,25€ / £114,45
Pack Price: 89,24€ / £74,96
*Vape Style Kit available with enrollment only.

Valid in: EUR

CBD Oils Pack

• 1 x Salve
• 1 x Pure Gold 500mg
• 1 x Premium CBG
Retail Value: 168,27€ / £141,35
Wholesale Value: 129,43€ / £108,73
Pack Price: 89,24€ / £74,96

Valid in: EUR


You can be a Kannaway MVP by sharing our life-changing products with your customers and Entrepreneurs. You earn points from each of our products listed below on a monthly basis. When you earn 3 points, you are an MVP for the month!!!

Valid in: USA, EUR, MX, ZA, JA

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